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Your best year yet starts today: A short guide to self-empowerment

July 17, 2012

Your best year yet starts today: A short guide to self-empowerment

The Atlantic’s July cover story, “Why women still can’t have it all,” made headlines when it opened up a conversation about the expectations for women today. Since women entered the professional world, very few have dared to say the truth: they feel overworked, undervalued, guilty and inadequate.

The truth is, 21st-century women are expected to do it all, and happiness and the lives they want are slipping away as they try to manage family and work. And despite everything that career women achieve, they feel that they aren’t doing enough.

These are all myths.

You are doing enough but you’re not doing enough of what you want to be doing.

There’s something to be said for listening to what your mind and body needs. Do you need sleep, relaxation, quiet, or food? Do you need to be creative, active, or social? Do you regularly find beauty and inspiration?

These are important questions to ask, but not necessarily easy ones to answer. When you’ve spent so much time actively putting these thoughts aside “until you have time,” your true voice starts off quietly. The good news is that it’s there. You just need to create the circumstances to let it be heard. Make sure that it speaks up more.

It will have to speak louder than your doubts, and all those misguided thoughts that your flaws make you unworthy.

You have all the tools to make the life you want. Strip down to the basics and understand yourself, your dreams, and the things that truly make you happy. It’s time to free you from all the baggage.

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