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You don’t need a bra fitting here’s why

December 22, 2011

You don’t need a bra fitting here’s why

Considering the number of women who will testify that a perfectly fitting bra can make all the difference in comfort, it's surprising that most of us wear bras that just don't fit. It’s estimated that a whopping 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra, leading to common fitting mishaps such as pinching bands, digging straps, prodding underwire and cups that "runneth over."

There are numerous reasons for poorly fitting bras. For one, many women find the act of a proper bra fitting uncomfortable and awkward. Another reason is that our perception of sizes affects the size we think we are. Women with larger chests, for instance, often think they should have a large band size, when the cup size is really the issue. Also, our shape changes as we get older but often we don’t adjust our bra size. And then there's bra wisdom that never gets passed down. For example, many women don’t realize that a bra needs to fit snugly on the loosest hook, because the band stretches after washing and wearing.

We've all been told how important the right bra size is again and again, but there are alternatives: A comfortable, supportive bra that doesn't require fitting exists!

At Carole Martin, we often get looks of disbelief when we tell women that they need not worry about their cup size when they order a Carole Martin bra. There's no doubt that getting the right size is important if you're looking for fashion bras, but we have everyday options that will give you a feeling of freedom and comfort. Our stretch fabric comfort bras fit B to DD cup sizes. Even ladies who normally wear a DD cup are amazed that the stretch cup works for them. And, they come five styles, including racerback and strapless.

Once you're over your disbelief, find the bra—or bras, that are right for you on our product page. Without any hassle or embarrassment, we've satisfied millions our customers with the most comfortable bras that fit just right. Join the club.


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