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When bigger isn't better: Large breasts and back pain

August 20, 2012

When bigger isn't better: Large breasts and back pain

For some big-breasted women, a walk in the park is anything but. Women with large breasts carry a significant amount of weight on their chests that can lead to significant neck and back pain, enough to justify painkillers to start and end the day. And not only is the physical load huge, bearing the emotional toll can also be hard—finding clothes that fit, and being the object of everyone’s attention are sizeable challenges.

These days more ladies are speaking out about their desires and needs to have breast reduction surgery. And not only are more women vocal about their very real pain, more women are actually suffering from the affliction. Due to environment and diet, the average cup size has grown: in the 1950s, the average cup size was a B. Now it’s a C. Today nearly 1 million women in the United States have extremely large breasts.

With large breasts, a poorly fitting bra likely means straps that dig into your shoulders. This means that the straps are holding up your breasts, doing the work that belongs to the band. Bra straps that dig in aren’t merely annoying: they can lead to headaches, permanent indents, and even nerve damage.

A bra that’s the right size with wide straps can make all the difference. And it doesn’t have to look ugly. The solution is simple: Sport a stylish Carole Martin Comfort Bra. With five styles, there’s one to suit, and support, all aspects of your life. The best part is, the bra is the right fit whether you’re a B or a DD cup. You’ll get the coverage and comfort you need.

Of course, if your back pain is serious, consult your doctor to see if breast reduction surgery is right for you. 


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