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The making of: The history and artistry of bra design

October 09, 2012

The making of: The history and artistry of bra design

Though it’s something we put on every day, we hardly think about the design of underwear. Bra design combines the engineering of athletic wear and the artistry of fashion design.

As the popular history goes, late in the 1800s, the first brassieres appeared. However, recent historians have discovered bra-like undergarments that go back as far as the 15th century. In the next hundred years, the corset was the supportive undergarment à la mode. Eventually, in the early part of the 20th century, German designers began mass-producing bras with standardized sizes and cup sizes. (The corset, by the way, went out of fashion partly because of metal shortages during First World War.)

Bra design in recent years has evolved more rapidly as women become more discerning in their tastes and needs. Gone are the days when a bra looks fashionable but feels like an instrument of torture, or on the opposite extreme, a bra that feels comfortable, but looks matronly. As well, designers are finally recognizing that more and more women are sporting bigger curves.

Carole Martin celebrates fuller figures with our five styles. With an emphasis on comfort, Carole Martin Comfort bras are designed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We’re proud to be a company that combines exceptional Canadian design with the efficiencies of offshore production. The product is, as our customers know, a very comfortable bra at a very comfortable price.

Right now, for $12.75, you can get the Original Full Freedom Cotton Bra. Made with cotton stretch fabric, it’s the perfect everyday bra, with style, easy fit and convenience—yes, our bras are machine washable. And with its front closure style, the straps won’t slip and slide around.

We think Carole Martin bras are truly modern bras for the modern woman. We hope you agree.


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