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Strong and stylish: Inspirational women in fashion

June 29, 2012

Strong and stylish: Inspirational women in fashion

If you’ve ever worn a Carole Martin Comfort Bra, you know how the things we wear are more than just garments. Fashion, including bras and lingerie, affects the way we feel and are seen. Throughout history, there have been countless women who have understood the importance of clothes. These women have changed history through their work, their strong attitudes, and commitment to improving the livelihoods of women. Here are some of the most inspirational women in fashion:

Coco Chanel: Today the fashion label is associated with elite luxury, but the designer’s impact on women’s fashion is felt across all social statuses. Chanel transformed men’s clothing and styling into glamorous and comfortable fashions for women. She singularly redefined women’s fashion.

Helena Rubinstein: At the start of the 20th century, Rubenstein became a pioneer and started one of the world’s first cosmetic company—a true feat in a time with few female entrepreneurs. She later was a major supporter of charities in health, art and education.

Audrey Hepburn: Hepburn is a fashion icon with unforgettable beauty. But she is most inspiring for her acting talent and humanitarian work for UNICEF in her later life.

Iman: One of the world’s first black supermodels, Iman has never forgotten her roots in Somalia. In the 1990s, she persuaded the BBC to follow her to East Africa to raise awareness of the tragic drought, war and famine that had ravaged the area and its people.

Diane Von Furstenberg: Von Furstenberg continues Chanel’s legacy by giving women at work something beautiful to wear. With the debut of her iconic wrap dress in the 1970s, the designer became an icon of women’s lib. Now in her fifth decade in the fashion industry, she is an outspoken advocate for women’s issues.

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