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How to buy a sports bra

February 10, 2012

How to buy a sports bra

If you’re following through with your new year’s resolutions, chances are you’re back at the gym. But are you wearing the right gear? A sports bra that doesn’t fit could be causing you chafing, sore breasts, sore shoulders or neck, and sagging.

Despite the repercussions, more than half of women, as suggested by some studies, aren’t wearing a properly fitting sports bra. Some women aren’t even wearing bras while exercising. But the fact is your breasts need to be supported when you’re jogging, at the yoga studio, or on the tennis court.

Here’s what to look for to ‘support’ an active lifestyle: You want to find a bra that doesn’t compress or flatten, or give you the “uniboob,” but still holds everything in its place! Also, check for poorly placed seams that could rub or scratch. Material is important, too, because cotton absorbs moisture; a moist cotton bra is bound to move around. Instead, choose a bra in a fabric that wicks sweat away.

Finally, just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you should sacrifice shape or style. For a bra that’s snug, but not tight—and looks good—you’ve got to try the Racerback Comfort Bra. Its microfibre fabric breathes for ultimate comfort, and it’s made to fit like a dream, whether you’re a B or a DD cup. Best of all, it feels so great, you’ll be wearing it at the gym, at work, running errands and relaxing at home.



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