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How a better bra can make you slimmer

April 06, 2012

How a better bra can make you slimmer

Have you been avoiding jogging or other exercise because it makes your breasts hurt? Along with growing waistlines in North America, breast sizes have also been on the increase. Sounds sexy but, as most women know, breasts add extra weight: D-cup breasts weigh up to 23 pounds. That’s like wearing two six-packs of beer on your chest. No wonder it can be painful to engage in physical activity.

Because they carry more mass, large breasts move with more force and therefore, more momentum. Ouch! Without something to hold them in place, exercise can stress the ligaments in the breasts, causing sagging. Knowing this is enough to make a gal want to just curl up on the couch.

But the less you move, the more “obese and buxom” you become, says an article from Discover by Anne Casselman. The good news is that a well-made sports bra can remedy the problem. Women with large breasts can rarely buy lingerie off the rack if they want an undergarment that is comfortable and supports.

However, the Racerback Comfort Bra is one bra that tackles this dilemma. It’s made from a breathable, tighter weave microfibre fabric, perfect for all active lifestyles and one-size fits B to DD cups. This undergarment supports but isn’t rigid and uncomfortable, and it’s easy to put on, too.

With the right bra, you’ll find yourself enjoying hiking, yoga and cycling without discomfort. You’ll rediscover physical activity, and with regular exercise, you’ll slim your body...and that will really help you take a load off.


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