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Feel comfortable in your own skin: Here's how

January 26, 2012

Feel comfortable in your own skin: Here's how

One of the most universally hated experiences is shopping for a new bathing suit. Heck, getting in the fitting room to try on anything—tops, bras, jeans, you name it—can be a harrowing experience. Fitting rooms expose the parts of ourselves we dislike the most, and make us confront them. It’s hard to face up to the things we dislike about ourselves, but is there really anything wrong in the first place?

Looking in the mirror shouldn’t be a torture session. You’re as smart, beautiful and funny as everyone else in the room. Here are some tips to guide you towards feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Relax. It’s easy to over-think life. Many of us often wonder what others are thinking; we worry that we just don’t measure up. The truth is that we’re all our own worst critics. Take a breath and enjoy the positive things about you and your life.

Smile. Studies show that faking it till you make it works! Putting on a fake grin can make you feel better, and makes you more approachable to others. The feeling is infectious, and soon the smile and the confidence will come naturally.

Show off your best self.
For some people, the first step to feeling great about themselves is a makeover—nothing major: just a brief appointment with a fashion consultant (the service is complimentary at many department stores) so you know what fits and styles show off your best self.

Avoid unhealthy attitudes. If people around make negative comments about their own bodies, it’s causing you to feel worse about yourself. Bond with people who are body-confident; they’ll inspire you.


Simplify. Find freedom in sticking with the basics. Turn off your computer and television once in a while, wear what feels comfortable (think wireless and cotton bras) instead of what’s trendy, spend time with people who love you. You’ll be happy. 



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