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Active comfort: Find the ultimate ease and comfort when active

October 22, 2012

Active comfort: Find the ultimate ease and comfort when active

Recently, one of our staff members spent three weeks hiking in Ecuador. He trekked through the Amazon jungle and the Andes. While he was putting his endurance, athleticism and stamina to the test, he also put the Carole Martin Racerback bra on trial:

He brought racerback Carole Martin bras to hand out to fellow trekkers for “test drives.” Always eager to get feedback from real women, he asked how our comfort bras were standing up during outdoor activities.

In tropical conditions, such as the Amazon jungle, the Racerback Comfort bra (Style #7305) was a huge hit with the female hikers on the trip. In the past, customers have loved the Racerback Slip-On bra for its easy pullover design and comfort. It’s never too tight or rigid. And like all other Carole Martin Bras, the stretch cups ensure an easy fit. No slipping straps, no stiff elastics, and underwire, but all the support you need for an active lifestyle.

In South America, these women also discovered that the lightweight, soft microfiber was the ideal travel companion. It’s a bra that packs easy – just roll and go – and it’s quick and easy to wash and dry.

The beauty of the microfiber is that it breathes, so it’s also the perfect bra for hiking north of the equator, too. At high altitude and cool environments, the racerback comfort bra also provides temperature control—say goodbye to uncomfortable sweat, chafing and rashes. So comfortable, in fact, you won’t even notice you are wearing it!

For women on the go, around the world, this versatile style is a no brainer, leaving you free to plan your next trip. Available in black and white.

For the rest of your hiking and active wear needs, visit: http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hiking/how-to-hike2.htm

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