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6 time savers for busy women

April 20, 2012

6 time savers for busy women

Your schedule is seriously jam-packed. Between professional, social, and family engagements, there’s hardly a minute. Finding time to exercise, eat right and relax can feel impossible sometimes. Here are a handful of classic time savers to help you make the most of your day:

Treat time as money: You wouldn’t spend all the money you have, so why spend all the time you have in a day? Schedule just-in-case time, like a rainy day fund, to handle crises or surprises.

Write a list: To tackle that running list of errands in your brain, the first step is to write it down. From there you can devise a plan of action to tackle the list efficiently. It’s a way to declutter your mind, too.

Sleep: Extra shut-eye helps you be more productive and alert. You’ll be focused and motivated, saving you time and frustration.

Block your inbox: Don’t let email be a distraction while you’re grocery shopping, spending time with loved ones or reading the paper. Less multi-tasking means getting the job done quicker.

Make a run for the clock: If you put your alarm clock or cellphone on the other side of the room before you sleep, you’ll have to get up to press snooze—and you’re probably not going back to bed. Give yourself those 10 minutes to enjoy a coffee.

Get ready the night before: Streamline your mornings by getting breakfast and coffee ready, tackling top priority emails, and laying out what you’ll wear the next day, the night before. Save yourself the indecision.

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