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5 extraordinary bras

November 06, 2012

5 extraordinary bras

For our loyal customers, the only bras they need to know are our five versatile and functional styles. Carole Martin has the perfect bras for anyone who is sick of anything ill-fitting, painful or complicated.

We know our bras are, truly incredible, but there are also a number of extraordinary bras out there—like these: `

The world’s largest bra: In late October, UK travel company Chilisauce auctioned off a big pink piece of fabric, the size of two tennis courts, to raise money for breast cancer research. Purchased by GoldenPalace.com for £3,601, the bra comes with an official Guinness World Record certificate.

The world’s most expensive bikini: Supermodel Molly Sims premiered this platinum and diamond bikini, worth a reported $30 million, in 2006. It has 150 carats of diamonds!

The Stop The Birthrate Decline bra: Each year lingerie company Triumph launches (mostly for show) novelty bras in Japan. The pro-procreation bra from 2006 was a skimpy effort to bring attention to the country’s declining population.

The ultra-luxury sports bra: The Trenta Bra costs almost $2,000 and comes with a removable necklace and matching charm bracelet. The glamour factor is pushed to the limit with a Swarovski Crystal neckline. Wearing this, you’ll definitely look like a million bucks.

The Grow Your Own Rice bra: Now for the truly bizarre, here’s a bra that takes the local food movement to a new level. You can plant rice seedlings in the cups, and you can water this hyper-personal garden with the matching hose/belt.

For daily, practical and stylish comfort, trust our designs. Our designer has worked with some of the largest lingerie labels on the continent, so she knows how to make a bra you can wear for hours. Don’t miss out on our fall free shipping offer.

And for survey of bras that take discomfort to a new level, see this link for a laugh! http://www.refinery29.com/the-most-sadistic-looking-bras-out-there

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