3 Over-Fifty Fitness Tips
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3 Over-Fifty Fitness Tips

May 06, 2013

3 Over-Fifty Fitness Tips


I’m a 53-year-old woman but I feel much younger. It’s not that I don’t look 50-something, but I’ve chosen to embrace aging with grace. I don’t colour my hair and I don’t use make-up; but I do smile a lot. I dress smartly and style my hair every morning. My clothes reflect my youthful demeanor without making me appear like an old lady trying desperately to hold on to her earlier years.

Know when to push and when to pamper

I try to do at least a half hour of some sort of exercise daily – walking, cycling, weight training, or swimming. But there are days that I simply do not feel like it. On those days, I usually give in and let my body take a break. Knowing that I don’t have to exercise goes a long way toward making me feel in control. We humans like that. On the flip side, when I do exercise I usually push myself a little farther and faster than I would instinctively go. Continually challenging our physical systems keeps us strong, healthy and full of energy.

Variety is the key to long-term success

It’s important to find an exercise regime that you can stick to. That is more likely to happen if you enjoy what you’re doing. And remember to add variety rather than doing only one thing. Having an assortment of interests that involve physical activity means you can usually find something to do that you like. Doing things with other people such as an exercise class can really help you to stick with a program. The time usually passes quicker when you’re with others and the companionship, if it’s good, will draw you back. You might even go so far as offering to lead an activity, for instance, a walking program. Being the one in charge forces you to get out there.  

Take one day a week off

Knowing that you have one day every week when you can choose not to exercise without having to feel guilty helps you to commit to doing your best the other six. If you happen to be dieting as well, the strategy can be carried into your eating habits. It doesn’t mean you’ll lie on the couch all day and eat Oreo’s, but it does mean that you can take a break from counting calories and exercise repetitions. Perhaps a leisurely walk and a tasty stop at the gelato shop is more in order for your special day. Remember, the goal is living life well.  

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